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The fire does not pass through the doors, it’s not a ghost !!!

usile antifoc

Fire resistant doors ( “fire” in common terms) are increasingly used in buildings and commercial spaces in order to ensure that people in these rooms have all the facilities to evacuate the area in case of fire or other imminent danger. These doors are tested and have a fire resistance coefficient measured in minutes, which means that they can block the fire, and its expansion, offering people the chance of building to save lives or valuables. Fire doors can be fitted directly to the outside and usually were marked “Fire Door””.

They can be connected to an alarm and will not open unless the alarm was activated. The other form that is then used fire doors when mounted inside the building with the role of separating the rooms. They behave like normal doors when used and are not connected to the alarm. However, when the fire broke out, the doors are sealed so that the fire can not expand in the next room, people enjoying protection and safety when leaving the room where the fire. Let’s not panic! These doors will not lock, which would endanger the lives of people caught fire.

They will always allow a fluid and easy passage from one room to another, the doors will not be locked with the key, because the handlers are much faster and easier with handles / panic bars. So a fire door with proper insulation will fulfill a dual role required, that of having a normal door and the other of a fire protection, an excellent measure to save lives and valuables. Of course, a door quality and appropriate protection against fires must pass tests of fire resistance and must be accompanied by documents of compliance, certified by the Permanent Technical Council for Construction.

Here we are pleased to make light, we from Nyos. Now we sell doors complying with all rules of fire resistance and the legal according to the law. Doors Dierre produced in Italy with a fire resistance of 60 minutes and 120 minutes and were tested under actual fire, to ensure that people caught in fire have enough time to save without threatening their lives . And not only do tests with the physical material of the door, but the door the whole system: the top door, frame, hinges, locks, handle, panic bar the same with other accesorii.Usile must be inspected annually to ensure that they maintain quality of fire protection and safety elements are not missing as a result of any mechanical wear. Nyos It offers a warranty of 2 years each fire doors, all the while benefiting buyer assistance and free checking Whenever necessary, the client has the possibility of extending the warranty period. If the door does not function properly, will replace defective items or even entire door will be interchanged with a fully functional and comply with the laws in force. That does not seem right! Doesn’t it?

I will cover some essential points that I have addressed today to make sure that we have learned that fire doors meet dual role: door service and, most importantly, resistance against fire and its extension – its purpose essentially is to give enough time to save human lives and material goods. Another aspect to remember is that fire doors fitted externally connected alarm will automatically open when it is activated, giving a free way to evacuate. Fire doors fitted on the inside are not connected to an alarm, not blocked and are designed to be opened more easily, facilitating the passage from one room to another, and when closed preventing the spread of fire from one room to another. Depending on their structure mechanics, doors can be resistant: 30 min, 45 min, 60 min, 90 min and 120 min. The most commonly purchased on the market doors Commercial buildings are resistant to 60 min and 120 min. Marketed by Nyos.


And finally, for compliance with the rules in force, fire doors must prove its attributes through documents issued by the producing company and the supervisory body of the country where they are marketed.

These documents are: Opinion and technical approval from CTPPC in Romania and Declaration of Conformity.

One more important thing is mounting, which has to be conducted by trained and authorized personsal. To choose the right company for correct installation and secure means if you care for human lives inside your building and a wise way to protect your assets in case of fire. If you are a responsible person and you are looking for a quality door with authorized mounting at:

Showroom Nyos ) Calea Borsului nr. 38K, Oradea, Bihor, phone: 0733 931 220 or write us at

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