Rolling sliding fire doors

Rolling sliding fire doors

sliding door 60/120 min.

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Technology and performance united in sliding metal door. Only with metal doors, narrow spaces become functional! The sliding doors are available with fire resistance of 60 and 120 minutes. Type door is manually operated by pulling a handle on both sides of the door shell. In case of fire door closes automatically due counterweight mounted in the frame. Possible door configurations: normal door-closed-door normally open, normally-free door. Fire doors are equipped with metal gasket positioned peripherally termoexpandabila pillars and cross frame Sliding metal fire door is painted with epoxy powders in standard color polymerized Avorio (similar to RAL 9010) or to order any RAL color.

Dimensions on request:
  Available in 1 sliding part or 2 parts, 60/120 min. 4-7 weeks delivery: 500-8000 mm width x 1750-5000 mm height

 -   Double track profile with two carriages each with 2 wheels
 -   Closing edge - casing fixed to wall with metal bolts that incorporates a female housing for the hot fume seal and houses the weights that are connected to the door by means of a steel cable for the automatic closure of the door
 -   Trailing edge - fixed labyrinth for hot fume seal bolted to the wall, coupled to the mobile labyrinth attached to the trailing edge of the door, ensures the seal of hot fumes when the door is closed

 -   Counterweight in trailing edge
 -   Insulated architrave, pedestrian door
 -   Speed regulator
 -   End of run shock-absorber, fire prevention motorization with possibility of door closed function with door block by means of motor brake.
Construction leaf:
Inside leaf - Mineral wool
Finish - coated
Joint - Yes
Material - Zinc-coated
Material thickness ( mm ) - 0.6
Blat thickness ( mm ) - 65
Reinforcing - Yes

Construction heel:
Finish - coated
Depth (mm) - 70
Aspect - corner frame
Material - Stainless steel
Frame thickness ( mm ) - 1.5
Heat-expanding seal - YES

Paddock - PZ
Hinges - 3
Auto-closure - Yes
Phonic Insulation (dB) - 37-45 dB
Lock - Universal key

Installing and using instructions - Yes
Certifications - Yes
Product Conformity - Yes
Warranty - Yes

Weight (kg)

60 min. - 30 kg/m2 (patrat)
120 min. - 35 kg/m2 (patrat)

Doors and frames warranty is 24 months.
Terms of the warranty :
• The guarantee is provided according to Romanian legislation in force at the time of purchase ;
• The buyer has checked the scope of delivery of the product, including the existence of the instruction manual in Romanian ;
• Buyer is guaranteed that in case of failure under normal use during the warranty period, the product will be repaired or replaced free.




Nyos fire doors from Dusadoor are available in the following colors RAL: