Fire door VISUAL

Fire door VISUAL

glazing, EI 60/120 min

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Product details:
Visual is a secure solution that unites the need of division with that of visibility. Ideal for hospitals, restaurants, public and private offices and wherever there is the need for transparency. Ideal for the division of medium and large areas, typical of single and double leaf doors, with sidelight and fanlight, in the panic-bar version or with handle/handle.

Dimensions on request:
 There are no standard measurements and the price is calculated per m2 from the single leaf door to the double leaf door.

 -   - Frame with galvanised steel outer structure with inserted thermal insulation made up of a Z-T-L shaped profile.
 -   3 hinges with 3 leaves adjustable in height and width on ball bearings
 -   standard self-closure
 -   2-4 strength door closer
 -   Supplementary self-closure by means of spring-loaded central hinge
 -   Standard frame with frame ties on 3 sides.

 -   Frame to be screw fixed to bricked-in sub-frame
 -   Handle and/or panic-bar
 -   Door closer with incorporated door selector,
 -   Electro-handle for access control
 -   Fanlight and sidelight, clear glass for outside exposed to sun
Construction leaf:
Inside leaf - Mineral wool
Finish - coated
Joint - Yes
Material - Zinc-coated
Material thickness ( mm ) - 0.6
Blat thickness ( mm ) - 65
Reinforcing - Yes

Construction heel:
Finish - coated
Depth (mm) - 70
Aspect - corner frame
Material - Stainless steel
Frame thickness ( mm ) - 1.5
Heat-expanding seal - YES

Paddock - PZ
Hinges - 3
Auto-closure - Yes
Phonic Insulation (dB) - 37-45 dB
Lock - Universal key

Installing and using instructions - Yes
Certifications - Yes
Product Conformity - Yes
Warranty - Yes

Weight (kg)

60 min. - 30 kg/m2 (patrat)
120 min. - 35 kg/m2 (patrat)

Doors and frames warranty is 24 months.
Terms of the warranty :
• The guarantee is provided according to Romanian legislation in force at the time of purchase ;
• The buyer has checked the scope of delivery of the product, including the existence of the instruction manual in Romanian ;
• Buyer is guaranteed that in case of failure under normal use during the warranty period, the product will be repaired or replaced free.

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