Rolling grilles
Safe and with an attractive design

Rolling grilles from Nyos are several types or models:

grilaje lamelare

Lamellar rolling grilles

Lamellar grids from Nyos oysters can be solid or perforated lamella

grilaje tubulare

Tubular rolling grilles

Tubular rolling grilles from Nyos come in two models: Aero and Visis

grilaje profilight

Profilight rolling grilles

Luxury collars that allow penetration into the protected area of ​​92% of the light

grilaje extensibile

Extensible rolling grilles

Expandable collars are operated classic, very versatile

grilaje pliabile

Pliable rolling grilles

Gratings consist of folding elements that move vertically

Rolling grilles

Rolling grilles protect against theft or brand Nyos vandalism, and allow ventilation and visibility in enclosed spaces with their help. Ideal for closure and delineation of spaces such as shops, warehouses, institutions, warehouses and other spaces industrial and so on.

Nyos metal grilles are produced in Romania, in Oradea, in an irreproachable level of quality and can be purchased at affordable price, by producer. Another advantage of the grating is that can be mounted almost anywhere and is very economical in terms of space occupied.

Due to their versatility, but also their beautiful appearance, metal grids are used often to protect the assets of banks, shops of all kinds, shops and pubs inside the mall, workshops, warehouses etc..

At the customer`s desire, can add automatic engine control through key buttons descent and ascent etc.