Extensible Rolling Grilles

Extensible Rolling Grilles

This classic grille model is designed to lock show-windows, windows and residential or industrial doors where our client chooses not to use the lintel at all.

The grille`s frame consists of two side stiles and two rails in the upper and lower side where the body moves. The room offered when closed is considerably larger due to the fact the grille folds sideways. The space it ocupies is very reduced. The open – close operation can be quickly maneuvered by the handle.


Easy to manouver, retro look and adaptability for the door and windows closure, versatile and perfect for residential properties.

Manual Action

The open and closing is done quick by the hand push and pull. There is no automation option here.


Nyos rolling grilles from Dusadoor are available in any color RAL color palette.


For a more comfortable rolling, rolling grilles drive can automatically or manually.


Rolling grilles can accessorize with simple key selector, key selector device provided with the release switch button, RC, caps and nylon handle.